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Why Choose a Destination Wedding?

Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular with couples today. This ‘eloping with a crowd’ kind of wedding appeals to those that want to run away and get married, but at the same time, want to share the experience with friends and family. We have put together some of the top reasons couples are opting to get married away rather than have an at-home traditional wedding and to also show you how affordable, convenient, stress-free and easy to plan a destination wedding can be.

It Fits The Budget

Destination weddings can be far less expensive for couples than a traditional wedding at home.


Planning Is Easier

The stress of planning your wedding falls to your DestinationVows Specialist and your resort wedding coordinator.


The Location

Barefoot on a beautiful sugar-sand beach? Surrounded by lush tropical gardens? Or perhaps in a gazebo overlooking the turquoise waters of the sea? These are just a few of the breath-taking venue choices for destination weddings at most resorts.


Everything Is In One Place

No time wasted travelling to the church, to a park or garden for pictures, then on to the reception. From the walk down the aisle to the last dance, everything can be found at your resort.


Smaller Guest List

Due to monetary reasons or time constraints, attending a destination wedding may not be for everyone and those that do usually attend, are those that are most dear to you.


Quality Time

You get a chance to spend some quality time with family and friends in a more intimate setting and – not just for a day as with a traditional wedding at home.


It’s A Vacation Too

Not only do your family and friends get to witness and celebrate your vows, after the ceremony, everyone gets to relax and enjoy a vacation too!


And The Guys Like It Too!

Guys seem to get more excited about a destination wedding and even the groom becomes more involved in the planning process. Organizing smaller events such as golfing or sailing for his buddies, makes him a lot happier than picking out table centrepieces, that’s for sure!


No Family Feuds

A destination wedding provides an equal playing field between families and more importantly, no uncomfortable decisions for couples to make that may cause a sticky situation between families.


And The Honeymoon Begins

The honeymoon begins immediately after the ceremony. No early morning planes to catch, no time wasted travelling and the big one – no additional costs!


We provide many added values, including;
  • Personalized wedding planning by an experienced Destination Vows wedding specialist for your group to contact directly by email or toll-free from anywhere in North America.

  • Consultation regarding legal requirements & paperwork required

  • Planning the destination wedding and securing the wedding date, time and location

  • Arranging group quotes custom to the bride & grooms requests and budget and staying on top of all promotions that may be available including: free weddings, room upgrades, complimentary flights, etc.

  • Receive value-added amenities when you book with a property that is part of our “Circle of Love” program

  • Organizing destination wedding events (private dinners, group tours, spa days, golfing trip and other fun excursions)

  • A wedding website where you can tell your guests about your destination wedding

  • Save-the-date emails and e-invites for wedding members & guests

  • Private airport transfers for Bride & Groom

  • Seat selection for Bride & Groom

  • Providing a honeymoon registry


Luxury Honeymoon

For some couples, the honeymoon is just as important as their wedding day and look for more unique journeys, out of the ordinary and once-in-a-lifetime type experiences and at the same time, want to do it in total luxury all the way – the pampering, the 5-star accommodations, the gourmet meals and service beyond compare. Sound like the honeymoon for you?


Imagine beginning your life together under the star-covered Kenyan skies on your very own private star bed? Or how about spending the night in a specially prepared tent at the foot of an ancient, fourth-century Mayan temple in the heart of the Belize jungle? Or perhaps lavish spa treatments together in an incredible former palace in India?


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