Rivale International

Rivale International

Rivale International is a Canadian company specializing in gourmet food product imports. We carry two product lines: Sahara Delights (TM) and Nutriluxe Paris (TM).


Rivale International is very pleased to be able to bring gourmet, all-natural food and beverage products to Canada! 

Our line of Sahara Delights products is made from the world famous Deglet Nour Date imported directly from the Sahara Desert in Algeria! We also offer artisan made, cold-pressed olive oil from the heart of Kabylie under the Sahara Delights name!

Our other product line, Nutriluxe Paris, is the epitome of french pétillance! Dazzling and delicious, this line has a variety of sparkling and non-sparkling all natural, pure and not-from-concentrate juices. A truly luxurious and refreshing treat for any occasion!




Sahara Delights products are 100% all natural, gluten free, vegan, non-GMO, and paleo with no added ANYTHING. They are gifts from nature and artisan made. 
Sahara Delights products are made from the All Natural Authentic Algerian Deglet Nour variety of date which is known as the "Queen" of dates. It is distinguished from other date varietals by its light translucent colour and its honey, nutty like taste. 
The Deglet Nour dates in our line of Sahara Delights products are a naturally occurring cultivar that is grown in various desert oases of North Africa. Ours are from the Algerian Sahara. Algeria's Sahara is the largest area of the world's largest desert. 
Rivale International is very pleased to be able to bring the best of our Sahara Delights brand of all natural products to North America to be enjoyed as a daily part of a healthy and food loving lifestyle. 
Nutriluxe Paris
An old French tale from the heart of the Gatine countryside, in the Poitou area of France, tells of a young prince who noticed a strange, bright light shining below a tree. Upon following this light, he discovered a golden apple nestled within a bed of straw. The prince admired the beauty and profoundly delicious taste of this apple and gave it the name Reinette Clochard. 
To this day, Reinette Clochard apples are cultivated with the same care as days gone by. The secret to the "golden apple", is allowing the apples to grow slowly and with care.
After being harvested, the apples are aged for several months in a cellar in order to produce the amazing taste and fragrance. The fruit is then pressed to extract the richest flavours and preserve the goodness of the absolutely pure apple nectars and juices. 
The Reinette Clochard des Deux-Sevres is considered a Grand Cru apple. Let your senses be dazzled by the Nutriluxe Paris fruit juice experience.


CONTACT:  Roger Higgins

PHONE: (604) 916-2569

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