Jill Lobley Photography

Jill Lobley Photography

Jill Lobley is a Surrey-based professional photographer who has a knack for capturing emotions at the moment. Jill’s passion for her craft stems from her desire to capture the moments that most miss, those tender, loving, meaningful, moments that people have when they think know is watching.  Her fascination with wedding photography began at an early age. She became an apprentice to a professional wedding photographer at the mere age of 13 and continued with it until she turned 18. During this time Jill managed a photography lab, co-own a photography company in Victoria and taught fellow classmates darkroom basics at her high school. Her experiences thus far have jumpstarted her career as a successful photographer on the mainland, and in turn has since grown her company into a flourishing business.


How she works

Jill identifies with traditional, photojournalism, candid, contemporary, and portraiture styles. In turn, her authentic, compelling natural light style focuses on details, decor, attire, and candids that capture the magic. She strives to produce romantic, emotional images that hit a cord in your heart which include humour and tenderness. With her fun, relaxed and unobtrusive approach, she will capture all the love and joy that surrounds you on your special day.


My name is Jill. I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a full-time professional photographer. For as long as I can remember I have had a camera in my hands, which is no surprise that while growing up I immersed myself in all aspects of photography. I started as an apprentice to a professional wedding photographer when I was 13 and continued with him till I was 17. During this time I also managed a photography lab and taught darkroom basics at my high school. I have experience in many aspects and different types of photography, and I love it all. I started my own company simply called “Jill Lobley Photography” in 2006 after moving to Vancouver from my hometown of Victoria. I say to myself every day that I am completely blessed to be able to make a career out of one of my greatest passions in life, my photography. I shoot from the heart.


Through the lens, I see tenderness, romance, and humor. But I also look for the ordinary moments that are authentic, compelling, and emotional. As a result, I create photographs that are intimate, genuine and at times, funny and silly. If I had to put words to my style, it would be documentary wedding photography mixed with fine art. “Documentary” means I will be documenting your day as it unfolds, unobtrusively, with a simple & relaxed approach. “Fine art” means documenting those moments in an artful way, and creating portraits that beautifully capture your love and connections in a natural way.


Weddings are magical. They’re also hilarious, stressful, and chaotic. My passion is to capture these real moments, big and small, genuine and heartfelt. Those moments form the beautiful and personal story of your wedding day. I hope when you look back at your photos, you will not only be brought back to the moments of that joyful day but also be reminded of how it felt, both for you and for those who were present that day.


The people I meet, and the stories I get to tell. That’s what it’s all about for me, and I would be honored to tell yours.  I’m based in Surrey,BC, Canada but I love to travel! Destination weddings are welcomed.



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