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Syncrohearts was born of our own relationship needing a reconnection. Together 20 years, our lives were busy and we were drifting apart. Through the development of this game the love, laughter and intimacy in our relationship grew through the insights that were coming to Bobby. We are now 30 years into our life adventure together and now he is sharing what he has learned through laughter and love in Syncrohearts.


Syncrohearts Services is a small business with a big heart. Partial proceeds from the sale of Syncrohearts games are donated the Zajac Ranch for Children in Mission, British Columbia. Bobby has twice appeared on CBC's Dragon and is the 2011 winner of the Best Brilliant Idea for Humanity. He is available for radio and media interviews and will be releasing a book in January 2012.


Years ago, my wife, and I experienced some challenging times in our marriage. Like most modern-day couples, we had a busy lifestyle and we were struggling to juggle our home, family, and career responsibilities. Our priorities were out of balance and our relationship was not receiving the attention it deserved.

Our intention was to create a FUN love game that would help couples spend more quality time together and strengthen their relationship through more love, laughter, romance, and improved communication. The name Syncrohearts represents two hearts in-sync growing stronger together.


There were many synchronistic events that occurred during the development of Syncrohearts. It always seemed that the right person would come along at just the right time. We also had incredible support from our family, friends, and all of those involved in making Syncrohearts a reality. I give sincere thanks to everyone involved, especially my loving wife and son. They were pillars of support and I offer my love and gratitude for their patience during all of the late work nights.


We were slowly drifting apart and our marriage was in trouble. We knew too many couples who had suffered through the emotional and financial stress of divorce and we did not want to go down that painful path. We wanted to save our marriage, but we needed some help! We sought advice from trusted family and friends, we read various reference books, and we tried professional relationship counselling. While some of these strategies helped, we still needed something special to help us heal and strengthen our relationship. Our “relationship saviour” was an answer to prayer and the timing was incredible!

I was inspired during a prayer/meditation to create a love game to help strengthen our marriage and I knew in my heart, that this love game was destined to help couples all around the world. We spent two years researching and developing Syncrohearts.


We are very grateful for the overwhelming response and for the loving testimonials from couples around the world. We have been fortunate to appear in national print, radio, and television media including appearances on the CBC’s reality TV program called the Dragon’s Den (similar to the Shark Tank in the US). Thanks to the media coverage, I earned the nickname, “Canada’s Dr. Luv” and my wife became “Mrs. Luv”. We truly believe in this love game and thanks to Syncrohearts, we recently celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary!!


Our love game has evolved into the Syncrohearts Love Game App on the App Store and we published our first love book called, “Dr. Love’s Prescription for a Romantic Loving Man” (It’s not the little blue pill). In 2011 we won the Best Idea for Humanity Contest and in 2012 we were awarded the prestigious Mom’s Choice Silver Awards and Family Review Gold Awards for our love game and love app. Our love mission supports a very worthwhile charity called the Zajac Ranch for kids with special needs.


We are very grateful for your support of Syncrohearts and we welcome your comments. We would also appreciate a post or tweet to help us share the love. Syncrohearts is a fun gift of love for weddings, anniversaries, and special occasions. Thank you for choosing love!


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