DJ Dawn

The Second Generation DJ

My dad was a DJ. Being a shy kid, that meant that I was in awe of his ability to talk to people, making them dance and sing with a push of a few buttons. I would often assist him at parties, stacking cassettes (yes, cassettes!) onto the table, cataloged by request, personal recommendation, or experience of knowing what he’d usually play next. I was entranced, and for the life of me, never thought I could do it too.

Until I did, and it changed my life.

There’s something about creating a moment for somebody, creating an atmosphere that takes every raw emotion in a room and amplifying it that makes me so happy every time I play a wedding. When corporate clients are letting off steam or a birthday bash is in full swing, the joy is palpable. I love what I do!

Over the last twenty years, I’ve evolved with emerging technologies to continue creating the best experience possible for my clients. and still, get butterflies every time the first song plays at a wedding. No two events are ever the same, even when I’ve played the same pub for so many years or done weddings at the same venue so many times. Every time I see somebody smile, tap their toe, do that little wiggle in their seat, and then work up the courage to finally DANCE it’s like I’m winning a victory for them. I love making people happy.

I often get comments when I’m performing about my mic voice because I learned from my dad how to vocalize clearly on the older styles of microphones that didn’t have the amazing technology that some of today’s microphones have. My speaking voice is not my mic voice, and it’s always fun to see people whip their heads around when I do the first few announcements, wondering who is talking because surely it can’t be the bubbly girl playing the music. Whenever they ask, “seriously, how do you do that?” I just say I got it from my dad.

In the age where almost everybody has access to sound equipment and a limitless supply of music with apps like Spotify, what sets a true DJ apart, in my mind anyways, is the ability to create an atmosphere, boost a mood, or bring a client’s vision to life. Anybody can play a sappy song, but not everybody can fill a dance floor by reading a crowd, communicate with staff to ensure that the lighting is just right, the photographer is poised for the perfect photo opportunity during the bouqet toss, who’s going to hold the nervous MC’s hand before the big speech, tweaking the levels constantly to make everybody sound their best and kick in the bass at just the perfect moment.

To me, being a DJ is about so much more than the music.


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DJ Dawn