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Make everyday epic with B-Epic’s premier line of high-performance lifestyle products. Experience the life-changing benefits for yourself! We invite you to try our products risk-free backed by our B-Epic 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee*.

To bring you the most innovative, high-quality products on the market today, we’ve sourced the most powerful, proven natural ingredients used in traditional medicines and holistic practices around the world for centuries and enhanced them through modern extract and supplementation technology.

Lose Weight Naturally While You Sleep


Experience ACCELER8 for yourself!

Reported Benefits May Include:

  • Helps Facilitate Weight Loss and Weight Management

  • Naturally Cleanses and Detoxifies the Body

  • Replenishes Healthy Bacteria in Microbiome

  • Promotes Mental and Physical Relaxation

  • Falling Asleep Faster and Sleeping More Soundly

  • Waking Feeling Rested without Grogginess


Lose weight naturally and effortlessly while you sleep! ACCELER8 is a synergistic supplement combo that supports the body in renewing and maintaining a holistic healthy state, which in turn can assist in successful weight loss and healthy weight management.

ACCELER8 RESTORE has a gentle detoxing effect that naturally cleanses the body, so it is better empowered to restore itself to an optimal balance. It is also packed with beneficial bacteria to help replenish the gut microbiome, which is vital for overall health and strong digestive and immune systems.

ACCELER8 SLEEP has a natural soothing effect that helps the body fall asleep faster, sleep more soundly, and wake without grogginess. It contains natural substances that help lower cortisol and balance serotonin levels, which causes the body and mind to feel more relaxed and promotes improved sleep quality.


Boost Your Body & Mind Naturally

Experience ELEV8 for yourself!

Reported Benefits May Include:

  • Naturally Increases Energy and Stamina

  • Boosts Cognitive and Physical Performance

  • Enhances Mental Clarity, Focus, and Memory

  • Combats Physical and Mental Fatigue

  • Helps Improve Mood and Alleviate Stress

  • Provides 100% natural, bioavailable phytonutrients


Unlock ancient medicinal secrets for optimal health and functioning! ELEV8 is a little green super pill scientifically designed to help you perform mentally and physically at a high level without the brain fog, moodiness, or other negative side effects from sugary, over-caffeinated energy drinks. Each capsule is packed with potent, pure herbal, mushroom, and whole-food extracts that are rich in bioavailable essential nutrients and powerful nootropic and adaptogenic properties.

Nature’s Energy & Clarity Blend in ELEV8 has powerful nootropic herbs and B vitamins known to naturally increase energy and stamina as well as enhance mental clarity, alertness, memory, and mood. The Adaptogen Super Blend contains medicinal mushrooms and super herbs shown to boost cognitive performance and combat the effects of physical and mental fatigue and stress. The Whole Food Nutrient Blend is made from real fruits and vegetables and is loaded with 100% natural, bioavailable phytonutrients (plant-derived vitamins) essential for overall health.


Enjoy the Benefits of Alkalized Water


Reported Benefits May Include:

  • Mineralizes and Alkalizes Regular Water

  • Supercharges Water with Over 70 Ionized Trace Minerals

  • Gives Drinking Water a Pleasing Natural Taste

  • Helps Restore pH Balance in the Body

  • Supports Optimal Health and Functioning

  • Plus, it is 100% Pure, Natural, and Sustainably Sourced


Hydrate your body with great-tasting mineralized, alkalized water! HYDR8 contains a unique, all-natural mineral complex found only in the pristine ocean near Okinawan that imparts remarkable health benefits. Plus, it gives drinking water a pleasing natural taste.

The easy-to-use sachets transform plain drinking water into mineral-rich, alkaline water supercharged with over 70 ionized trace minerals that are vital to the body for optimal health and functioning. Also, the higher alkalinity of HYDR8 water may help restore pH balance in the body by neutralizing acidic conditions that can lead to disease and illness.


HYDR8 is made from 100% pure Okinawa Sango coral calcium granules harvested from grains of fossilized coral deposits from the deep-sea ocean floor off the coast of the Okinawan Islands in Japan. No live coral is harvested. Great care is taken during harvesting so that living coral is not endangered.


Quick, Delicious Power Nutrition


Great for Kids and Adults:

  • Delicious and Nutrition; 0 Sugar and 0 Calories

  • Packed with All-Natural, Bioavailable Vitamins and Minerals

  • 100% Natural Whole Food Fruit and Vegetable Blend

  • Convenient Straight-To-Mouth Sticks (no water needed)

  • Two Great Flavors: Fruity Blast and Rockin’ Raspberry

GR8 KIDS is great for everyone…kids and adults! Zero sugar, zero calories, and packed with nutrients in convenient straight-to-mouth stick packs, it’s perfect for a daily supplement, healthy snack, or micronutrition. Plus, it’s an easy, fun way to introduce and sustain healthy nutritional habits.

Power up your work, study, sports, and play with nutritious, delicious GR8 KIDS! Bursting with a fruity flavor and loaded with vitamins from fresh fruits and vegetables, it’s the ultimate superfood for all ages. It provides all the health benefits of fruits and veggies without all the sugar.

GR8 KIDS is nutritionally dense and has a high uptake in the body. Each stick pack contains 4.5 servings worth of 100% natural whole food phytonutrients and is fortified with trace minerals. The whole food-derived vitamins in GR8 KIDS are in their complete form making them substantially more bioavailable and usable by the body than synthetic vitamins.

Your Skin Will Look & Feel Its Best Ever

Results from Real Studies Include:

  • Boosts Collagen and Elastin in the Skin

  • Minimizes Fine Wrinkles and Deeper Lines

  • Lifts and Firms Up Skin to Visibly Reduce Sagging

  • Rejuvenates Skin Appearance and Condition

  • Moisturizes, Softens and Soothes Dry Skin

  • Increases Vitality and Longevity of Skin Cells

Enjoy beautiful, younger-looking healthy skin! REJUVEN8 is an innovative skincare technology that revitalizes and protects the delicate stem cells in our skin against premature aging and sun-damage. The special proprietary formula is backed by real research, real studies, and real results.

Your skin will look and feel its best ever with REJUVEN8. The deeply penetrating and moisturizing, collagen and elastin boosting formulation has a rejuvenating, anti-aging effect and is proven to visibly lift sagging skin and diminish fine wrinkles and deeper lines.

Our potent, lightweight daily serum is powered by a high-quality Goji stem cell extract that has been found in multiple studies to significantly strengthen, repair, and refine the skin – resulting in improved appearance, condition, and vitality. You can expect to see noticeable results within 30-45 days!


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