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Vancouver Wedding DJ

Weddings are a time when your family and friends make memories to treasure forever. Let Audio Edge be your wedding DJ and turn your dreams into reality by planning your entertainment down to the last detail. Experience a dream come true as we create the fairy tale surrounding your special day.


Why a Professional Wedding DJ Matters

A Personal Touch

Our DJs are trained to keep the crowd dancing and have experience catering to all genres and cultures.


Seamless and Professional

Enjoy seamless transitions between set-up, mixing music, speeches, visual presentations, and take-down. 


Quality Sound

We ensure a high-fidelity sound system that creates a warm, inviting atmosphere. “Music expresses that which cannot be said.”

Unlimited Song Requests

Our system allows your guests to request their favourite songs (and your favourite songs) from tens of thousands of tracks in our library.

DJs that MC 

Our DJs can double as MCs to guide your evening, keep people entertained, and follow your schedule.

We could talk about how many Watts our speakers are or how huge the music library is, but you don’t need to know how many versions of Baby Shark we have. Do Do, Do Do, Do DO.

Instead, the important part is, how many people have come back to us, and told us what their guests kept raving about: “We had so much fun and have never seen so many people dancing all night long at a wedding before!”


From the first mix of music, while the bride walks down the aisle to the final notes at the reception, you want your wedding day to be perfect. So do we. We will coordinate with your MC to make sure your entire event runs smoothly, so you can focus on each other.

Are there any songs you don’t like? We’ll scratch them off the list. Songs you love? We’ll be sure to play them. 

We want it personal, but also flexible, which is why our packages aren’t tied to specific hour limits either.

We want you to experience wedding day magic. Our goal is to help make your day as special and seamless as possible. 


CONTACT:  Paolo Mesto

PHONE: 778-231-3472

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